2227 is Brendan Byrnes’s fifth xenharmonic album and a showcase of the expansive possibilities offered by microtonal guitars. The album is programmed for vinyl record listening, with Side A featuring a colorful mosaic of guitar textures, soaring guitar solos, and impeccable drumming by guest musicians Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Morrisey, Garbage) and Mike Horick (Summer Darling, Ohvaur, Ilevens). Side B slows things down with guitar pieces described as “expressionistic surf-jazz” with splashes of textural percussion by Michael Day (Faust, Exo/Endo) and Ted Byrnes (Clipping, Zola Jesus, Jeff Parker).

As the title implies, Byrnes uses the 22 and 27 Equal Divisions of the Octave (EDO) tuning systems exclusively. He pulls the listener through bright, twisted, and strangely beautiful harmonic landscapes with memorable melodies leading the way.

The full album will be released on 5/28/21, but you can pre-order a limited edition copy of the vinyl record and digital release on bandcamp and enjoy the first single “Murmurations” now on all streaming platforms.

Download now from Bandcamp