Techno algorithm rhythms


Energetic beats meet ear-bending melodies

Xen On

Ancient Love

Cinematic fantasy jungle soundscape with deep electronic pulses and cosmic xenharmonic harmonies.


2227 is Brendan Byrnes’s fifth xenharmonic album and a showcase of the expansive possibilities offered by microtonal guitars. The album is programmed for vinyl record listening, with Side A featuring a colorful mosaic of guitar textures, soaring guitar solos, and… Continue Reading →


An odyssey of xenharmonic, xenrhythmic, postmodern EDM


Byrnes’ 4th microtonal solo album continues his exploration of xenharmonic tuning systems within a rock and pop framework, using mostly 22 EDO but also employing 27 EDO, 15 EDO, and 12 EDO. The driving force on the album are the… Continue Reading →

3 Remixes

Xenharmonic tracks remixed.

Mouthfeel EP Deluxe

Mouthfeel EP Deluxe is modern microtonal music with beats and bass.


Melodic xenharmonic dance music inspired by roller disco.


An album of melodic xenharmonic dance music – the lovechild of a long term relationship with music software programming.

Reassuring Weight

A Microtonal journey through various facets of life within a rock context. Coloured by unique harmonies and chord progressions mixed with odd time signatures.


Seamlessly oscillates between microtonal pop for the masses and psychedelic avant-rock for the underground.

Neutral Paradise

A vivid and hallucinatory onslaught of xenharmonic pop, avant-rock, and modern electronica.


Exploratory electronica somewhere between ambient and avant garde.

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