The Gathering EP is a 3-track lil’ wonder of a record from Fature, who joined us on the split-notes compilation album last year. The hyper d’n’b vibe which permeates this EP is worlds away from the chilled sound Fature showed us in ‘Butterfly Rapport’ and still a fair distance from his nu-jazz works. But, while the gent has been multifaceted and eclectic in his tastes, you can still hear that it’s him!

The Gathering EP by Fature, reverse cover

This is a record where enchanting, mysterious moods collide with frenetic and intense rhythm. You would expect the scurrying of a hornet, a rat and a salamander to differ, and so too do the sounds on The Gathering EP. First we found that the ‘Hornet’ inspired the most dreamy, warm sounds from Fature. ‘The Rat’ reveals the power of slyness and misdirection. Meanwhile, the ‘Salamander’ is sparkly and dementedly upbeat, showing he is perhaps the most colourful critter of all.

The Gathering EP is a solid drum and bass workout – which shows little desire to play on clich├ęs within the genre. And being fully xenharmonic means this is a very rare sound indeed!

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