Bye bye

Human Astronomy EP comes just as Sevish moves away to the UK midlands. “I always found my little patch of London to be inspiring. The landscape of the city has coloured my music.” Human Astronomy features Sevish’s last compositions in London; it is a ‘good bye, see you again soon’ release. It’s also a ‘next time we meet I’ll have so much to show you’ release.

The EP expands on the style from Sevish’s last album Golden Hour: alternate-universe harmonies and big scatterbrained beats.

Human Astronomy EP by Sevish, reverse cover


The following information is provided for all the microtonal heads who want to nerd it out while listening.

Track # Track Name Tuning Used Comments
1 Human Astronomy Carlos Beta
2 Enterprise 20-tet Blackwood decatonic scale
3 Ambrosia 22-tet
4 Movement Carlos Beta & 22-tet & 12-tet & a just MOS based on 11/8 and 3/1 3 microtonal tunings (plus 12-tet piano) used in combination
5 Dreaming Enhasa Carlos Beta

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