Techno algorithm rhythms

3 Remixes

Xenharmonic tracks remixed.


Melodic xenharmonic dance music inspired by roller disco.


An album of melodic xenharmonic dance music – the lovechild of a long term relationship with music software programming.

Neutral Paradise

A vivid and hallucinatory onslaught of xenharmonic pop, avant-rock, and modern electronica.


Exploratory electronica somewhere between ambient and avant garde.

Next Xen

Unshackling music from a 200 year old ball and chain. A diverse mix of microtonal music from 17 artists across the world.

Sean but not Heard

Xenharmonic bass with weird time signatures

Weird Science

Imagine a weird Mad Professor tune, but with all the analog grit and dirt of a vintage King Tubby mix. Add xenharmonic herbs & spices et voila!


Quirky infectious hooks, fields of distortion, ambient soundscapes, and chamber music textures rub shoulders in an adventure with some surprising turns.

Human Astronomy EP

Alternate-universe harmonies and big scatterbrained beats. Sevish’s last compositions in London; it is a ‘good bye, see you again soon’ release.


Danceable J-Pop and house music that sounds like an explosion of colours.

Crack My Pitch Up

Various Artists – When you crack your pitches up smaller and smaller, you find many more musical options to compose with.

Golden Hour

Look beyond Western tonality to find the new moods you can make with alternative tunings – microtones. Different styles of electronic music, beautiful atmospheres and beats.

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